BLACK HOLE @ CROSS AWARD – Verbania, Italy

Several weeks after its premier, BLACK HOLE by Shamel Pittswon the Cross Award in Italy.

Among more than 200 applications, BLACK HOLE was selected to be one of the three projects for a residency in Verbania.


After 15 days of rehearsals and research, the site-specific version of BLACK HOLE was presented on October 20th 2018 at Casa Ceretti with performers Mirelle Martins, Tushrik Fredericks, and Joy-Marie Thompson accompanied by the light designer and videomapping artist Lucca Del Carlo.


Here is an Italian critic’s review of the presentation:

We witnessed a wide dark plastic cape, lit by many “dancing” light dots; then, following a mono themed music playing in the background, the three artists appeared and performed a dance ritual composed of primitive and unbalanced movements, suddenly recomposing in astonishing frames, characterised by the remarkable expressiveness of their bodies and faces. After a long exhibition full of variations, the three went back under the dark cape, only to re-emerge with the cape used as clothing for their bodies, conferring the mantle a charismatic and symbolic power. (…) the audience applauded the artists from the American continent for a long time.”


Photos by Paolo Sacchi


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