Interview for DANCE Magazine

Meet Shamel Pitts, A Former Batsheva Dancer with a Striking Dance Film.

Shamel Pitts’ dance film, “Blackbox,” has the kind of cinematic visual quality most dance artists can only dream of. A room that feels almost dystopian—with furniture and objects covered in black trash bags—sits in the middle of an expansive desert, with no other signs of life in sight. Since leaving Batsheva Dance Company last July after seven years, Pitts has established himself as a creator with a vision that’s all his own. In addition to the success of last month’s film release, he’s currently touring with the 45-minute long performance installation version of Blackbox as well as with buzzy contemporary company L-E-V. He spoke with Dance Magazine about life post-Batsheva and the exploration of identity that inspired Blackbox.

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