A Newly Commissioned Performance Work For Harvard Dance Project

Choreographed By Shamel Pitts
Artist In Residence At Harvard University



A Film By The Students Of Harvard University, TDM146, SPRING 2018

The inspiration came from the many meanings that the word can carry:
It expresses the future tense, or inevitable events. It is a declaration. it is a name.

I have a huge interest in researching the many identities that construct our society
and the ease in which, through the language of movement, we can reconstruct the titles and their associations in order to give room and space for a new possibility.

At the time of creation, I was overwhelmed with the many different work engagements/responsibilities that I’ve committed myself to.

The feeling of wearing too many hats
which can potentially dilute or distract from the clarity of offering to the moment
Fear Arose…

And, as always, I try to meet fear with bravery. Bravery has a lot to do with surrendering.
Hats can hide, as much as they can reveal the collective effort. It is the symbolism of sharing the weight of the moment
and a commitment to moving together,
within our differences,
which are also both hidden and revealed.

When There Is A Will There Is A Way