Black White And RED

Is a collaborative work of three artists:
Installation Artist: Orly Sever
Light Artist: Tom Love
Performance Artist: Shamel Pitts

The initial interest of this collaboration came from Orly Sever’s passion for including other layers inside of her work “Wall Run”
Wall Run is a landscape work that exist on its own.
These other layers are light and performance. The combination of the elements opens up the dimension inside and in between the space, the environment, the performer, and the audience.

This collaborative performance work is intended to approach the interactive and immersive experience of an audience inside of a work of art that is already existing: the combination of the elements intend to blur the lines of this black and white distinction of what it means to be an observer versus a participator; in order to experience more colors of possibility.
what it means to have an foreign figure inside with the audience and part of them.
Over the course of the performance, the similarities between the performer and the audience become more pronounced than the differences.